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John Mauldin's Journey:

A few years ago, I mentioned that I was looking for a new chair to help my back. I had a few readers make suggestions, but a lot of readers asked me to tell them if I ever found a chair that helped. After years of searching for a chair that would help my back, I have found it. As I write, I am sitting in my new HealthChair, which I have had for several months. Randomly, my daughter Tiffani met the designer of the chair on a flight, but it was a very positive random event for my back.

I don't want to think about (or admit) how much I have spent on the next "new ergonomic back chair" over the years. The picture below will give you a clue. We like to call this room the Graveyard of Chairs. All made claims that my back refused to corroborate, and we had to trash them. The large leather chair certainly was expensive, came highly recommended, had lots of ways to adjust it, was expensive and at the end of the day was only a minor improvement. I even threw away the famed Aeron (left).

Apparently, I am in good company. The Los Alamos National Laboratory is replacing their Aeron chairs with The HealthChair.

This is one investment my back is recommending.

For those of you who sit a long time and are looking for something to help your back, you should try The HealthChair for yourself. You can design your own or get one just like I ordered.
John's HealthChair

ChairYou can order your HealthChair exactly like John's or you can design your own! John ordered his HealthChair with most of the available options which included black Ultraleather fabric and chrome base and arms and padded armrests. Please visit our website and see how the HealthChair will help you!

** John has arranged for all of his clients to receive a $50.00 discount on any HealthChair purchased! You will see the discount at checkout. Prices start at $925.00 - one like John's is $1199.00.  Please visit our website for more specifics about the HealthChair or watch the video below.  You may also email me directly at if you have any questions.

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The Ergonomic Chair Graveyard!