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Here are some of the things that people are saying about The HealthChair!
"A few years ago, I mentioned that I was looking for a new chair to help my back. I had a few readers make suggestions, but a lot of readers asked me to tell them if I ever found a chair that helped. After years of searching for a chair that would help my back, I have found it. As I write, I am sitting in my new HealthChair, which I have had for several months. Randomly, my daughter Tiffani met the designer of the chair on a flight, but it was a very positive random event for my back.

I don't want to think about (or admit) how much I have spent on the next "new ergonomic back chair" over the years. The picture below will give you a clue. We like to call this room the Graveyard of Chairs. All made claims that my back refused to corroborate, and we had to trash them. The large leather chair certainly was expensive, came highly recommended, had lots of ways to adjust it, was expensive and at the end of the day was only a minor improvement. I even threw away the famed Aeron.

This is one investment my back is recommending.

For those of you who sit a long time and are looking for something to help your back, you should try The HealthChair for yourself."
John Mauldin
Recognized Financial Expert and Author

"The HealthChair - combined with the use of the microscope will undoubtedly add ten years to my practice life. The HealthChair corrects the posture of the dentist when adjusted properly and greatly diminishes fatigue at the end of the day. If you value the health of your back, sit in one of these chairs!"
-- Tom Wais D.D.S.
Bioesthetic Dentist

"This chair is absolutely AWESOME!"
-- Arthur Heffern
Web Designer and Programmer

"Every once in a while a product or piece of equipment comes along that has the potential to change the way you practice dentistry. I have tried several over the years.. with promises of grandeur. The HealthChair has hit the nail on the head. Gone are those achy backs and stiff necks, you know the ones that make you think, how much longer can I practice if my back doesn't get any better. I started scheduling shorter procedures so I can get up and stretch, I was unable to sit still for long periods of time (15 minutes), never really feeling at ease while performing dental procedures which require a high level of concentration. It has become quite clear that being uncomfortable had affected my ability to be the best I can be, that was just not acceptable. I wish this came along years ago, all I can do now is thank you for helping change the way I practice my profession. This chair may add years of comfort to my back and with any luck help my golf game."
-- Timothy Kelly DMD

"The perfect home office chair that fits both my husband and me!!"
-- Ellie Sanchez
Home Office

"This is the most comfortable chair I have every sat in while working in front of my computer!! My kids can easily size the chair to fit them - what a great chair!!"
-- Julie S.

"I am glad my employees approached me about the HealthChair! Their energy and productivity has more than paid for the investment."
-- R. T. Starnes